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Yoopers in Antarctica
Hey, dare, my name is Davey. i am da head leader of dis tree-man team that has bean sent out to dis god-forsaken, ice box called...da i tink antarctica ah? some government guys came to our homes and asked us if we wanted a lot of money to go on a trip to dis far away place called, "antarctica." we said," ah sure, i don't see why not?" da government men told us dat if we learned bout the animals out here and da weather they would give us each 5 million bucks. i don't really know how much 5 million is but i tink it's a lot of money. i tink the reason they picked us to go on dis trip is cause we lived up in da michigan's upper peninsula, eh? and it can get pretty nippy up dare in da winter, especially when you be sittin in yer deer stand waiting fer da big buck to walk in to your bait pile. i guess they said dat we would be used to da temp'ture here. Dare isn't much wildlife out here besides a few penguins, seals, and bears. da weather here is pretty chilly. da government men warned us bout dees winds dat are so strong dat day would blow you over, as if you were to shoot a 12 gauge shotgun when yer drunk, or something like dat. i tink day said dat da winds can blow as hard as 200mph, which is pretty fast. just last week one of my udder teammates, Macky, wrote down i guess a world record or some dang ting. it was the coldest temperature on earth. it was -129*F, dats so cold dat if you were to spit yer chewin backy out, it would freeze in mid dare. trust me i tried dit. One day my udder buddy dats on our team whose name is Frederick found dat our food and da beers is runnin low. he told me dat, "if we don't get some food fast we're gunna starve out here." dats when we thought should go huntin fer some food. we knew dat dare was bears our here so dats what were gunna hunt few. todays da day of da big hunt, gots up at six tirty and made sum of dem pan-a-cakes dat taste so good in da morning. after breakfast, me, macky, and frederick put on our carhartts, grabbed our guns, stuffed some chew in our mouths and set out to find dat big bear. it was as cold as all get out, but we didn't care. after a little while of kicking true da snow, macky saw some footprints. "wow, dose are some big foot prints ah?" said frederick. macky den said "oh yaw freddy, dem are da biggest feet i ever seen." we kept walking following dees bera prints until i saw da bear in da distance. we all raised our guns, aimed, and fired at the same time, dropping da bera in its place. we den started walking up to da bear. but once we stood next to it we noticed dis was no bear. macky den said " i tink dats da ambombiddle snowman da we just shot." i den said " i tink yer right macky." we decided dat it wouldn't be a good idea to eat it. we carried it back to da place dat we were stayin in. den we called up da government people and told dem da whole story. they told us not to do anyting to the snowman. they said dat they would be over in a few hours. when they got date, they took da snowman from us. they den gave us our 5 million bucks, and sent us home to da michigan's upper peninsula. so when youse guys say dat us yoopers ain't too smart, just tell dem da story of when dees tree yooper guys made 5 million bucks doin what dey do best-huntin. tanks for listnin to my story but don't ask macky or frederick about our hunt cause dey will lie and tell you about da hundred deers dat they shot in antarctica. THE END
Silver Bullet
Elegantly circled
Brightly elongated
Shoot it through me
Pull the trigger
The silver bullet
Explodes within me
Disappears slowly
Flows with blood
Forms around me
Visions of life
Quickly flash
Understanding shown
Proud soul broken
Negative feelings
No feeling
Strike me down
Gloomy darkness
Smashes in
Forever wanting
Arrogant love
Lame and blind
This place I choose
Abundant grudge
Sacrifice taken
Partake of blood
Silver bullet
Sweeps me away
There Goes The Neighborhood
Thursday. 9.11.03 7:08 pm
The years of mischief are followed by weeks of thrift. In frolic and in rage the dawn comes into the endless night though through the rest i shift, but i've been this way a long while, all regressed and healed in time, yes..it's been a wild ride. Far is solace in the maddening pace, this sad state written on my face blinding my vision and sight, although this is an uncertain game of chance, i wouldn't change a minute of this unfriendly life. My advice is, nothing good comes easily, sometimes you gotta fight. Some people need to get the axing.

Hello ^_^
Nothing good does come easily, thats why life sucks -_-
eXiled on 2003-09-27 02:59:01

whats up? yea, life does suck...
» djjester on 2004-01-07 02:27:54

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